Adding Codes to the MEPRS Tool

The MEPRS tool now has all codes for JBSA-Randolph and some codes for JBSA-Lackland. To have your facility’s codes added, send a list to and I will add them as soon as I can.


MEPRS Utility Updated w/New Features

The Nukaware DMHRSi/MEPRS Tool has been updated with some new features to make it much more user friendly and functional.

Codes are now broken down by facility and department.

Some of the updates are cosmetic such as new fonts and some changes to the side of the window, the dropdown menus, and other items. Here are some of the main functional updates/changes:

  • Codes are broken down by facility and department to reduce clutter in the dropdown menus.
  • The app is now mobile friendly. It can be added to your iPhone Home Screen as a full-screen app and responds perfectly to touch input without resizing or other display problems.
  • The database backend has been updated to be more scalable to allow for the inclusion of other facilities and codesets in the future.

Currently, the program has only one facility loaded, but additional facilities will be added in the coming weeks. Information on how to get your MTF added to the DMHRSi tool will be posted here on the blog and on the Nukaware Facebook page when the time comes.


myAFI: Toolbar and Scrollbar Updates

For immediate release to myAFI users: the Nukaware team has made several fixes to the user interface that should improve usability and stability.

New icons for the sidebar tools. (Credit: Nukaware, LLC.)

First and foremost, we have fixed an error that prevented scrollbars from displaying on resource pages and in the sidebar panels. Scrollbars should appear on all embedded resources and in the various toolbar tabs where applicable. If they do not appear when you visit the site, please force a hard refresh of the top-level page at

Second, the tabs in the sidebar tools have been updated with icons instead of words to identify their functions. Hovering over a tab will display a tooltip with its full name. The X on the far right will close the sidebar and allow you to read the current resource in full-width mode.

We continue to work on updating the resources that are currently loaded as well as adding new resources to improve the program’s functionality. Continue to monitor the Nukaware blog and check the myAFI website as well as our Facebook page for updates.


Into the Weekend: Looking at myAFI

It has been a little while since any major updates  have happend with myAFI, primarily because other commitments have taken focus away from working on it. However, we plan to introduce some new features and improve existing features very soon. Most notably, users might have noted the new user account icon on the far right of the main toolbar. Very soon, users will be able to register for their own myAFI account and customize much of the program and its content to their liking.

Additionally, one or two of the resources in myAFI are now outdated and should be referenced with caution. This primarily applies to AFI 36-2903, which has had revisions since the copy avaiable in myAFI was created. The resource has not been updated because we are in the process of revising how resources are rendered and managed by the database. It is our plan to have this completed by the middle of November at which point we will be able to start updating resources again and begin adding new resources to the database.

Thank you for your continued support!

Wesley Surber
CEO, Nukaware

Arise, New Blog!

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